Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fraud with the use of the company from Poland

In Poland, as in other countries, all the records of the companies, both legal (limited liability companies) and private companies are published online for the public use. These registers include all details, which are recently used by scammers. They like very much the agro industry - food, especially meat. Thus they use the economic sanctions imposed on Russia. They  offer to Russian companies a delivery of such products, for example Brazilian meat. For this purpose, on the one hand they replace a website of an existing Brazilian company dealing with meat production, provide contact details of the company, etc., but the contacts like e-mail address or phone number are redirected to the scammers. Next they offer to a potential customer a delivery of goods by a company that "has the appropriate certificates for export to Russia," and provide contact details of the a company. Of course, the delivery of goods requires a deposit of 30-70% in advance in accordance with issued by the  "Polish company" pro forma invoice. Counterparty pays the money to the specified account  of the allegedly Polish company and since then the problems begin ...

My Law Office operates last time in a few similar cases. We offer help for the victims companies.

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